Casa Glebinias



The Aristarain family, owners of the place, is originally from Buenos Aires. In love with Mendoza because of the beautiful scenery, the comfortable weather, and the affable and hard-working temperament of its people, they settled in Chacras de Coria in the 80s, after a long stay in France. Passionate about gardening, they worked hard to turn the original estate into the dreamed place to establish their home. On this basis, at the end of 2005, they created Casa Glebinias according to their personal tastes and ways of life (Maria Gracia, art historian; Alberto, retired scientist specializing in environmental issues; Martin, economist – administrator; Gabriel, winemaker; Florencia, illustrator), and integrating the team to Octavio Vitali, architect and friend. This garden hotel, of its own and different character, has earned significant distinctions originated from the same users. In addition to its charm, the guest will feel welcomed and that can count on the hosts at all times. The wide windows facing the garden, produce a peaceful environment in harmony with the landscape surroundings. Comfort is guaranteed with all the necessary technical amenities. A sense of belonging and respect for nature are perceived in the close connection between architecture and landscaping, as well as in the constructive elements recovered from demolished old properties, which give also the design the charm of old world. Besides in the separation and delivery of waste for its treatment, reduction of the use of contaminating elements, realization of furniture with trees that perished in the property and the natural irrigation through the typical channels (“acequias”). Additionally, no plants were removed when the recent lodgings were built, which explains its particular design. Even the park was conceived as a celebration of Nature and a symbolic contribution of “afforestation” made in order to mitigate the effect of polluting atmospheric carbon. Some friendly domestic animals complete the scene.



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